CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation

In January 2017 CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation (IQA) was awarded to Institute of Public Administration and Entrepreneurship, Ural Federal University. It was acknowledged that IPAE UrFU is leading academic and teaching institution in the field of public administration, public relations, entrepreneurship and management oriented towards solving relevant tasks of innovation development of the Ural Federal Region and the country in general.

Russian Poetry By Foreigners

Each international student is given a poem that reflects his character, temperament and emotional state, so that the students had the opportunity to get used to the role, to experience a state of lyrical hero.

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  • Public Administration
  • Trade
  • Economic Security
  • Advertising and PR



  • Public Administration
  • Trade
  • Management
  • Advertising and PR


The Institute of Public Administration and Entrepreneurship of Ural Federal University, Russia is pleased to announce our new initiative Grant for Master and Bachelor Programs. Foreign students have an opportunity to get scholarship for 2 years study which covers tuition fees.



The Institute of Public Administration and Entrepreneurship at the Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin invites you to participate in the The III International Scientific and Practical Conference on "Strategy of development of social communities, institutions and territories",
April 21-22, 2017



CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation

Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and Public Relations in the Commercial Sphere

The appearance of higher education in the field of public relations and advertising was due to the needs of a particular stage of Russian society economic life development. The establishment and expansion of enterprises, increased competition have led to awareness of the need of marketing activities in general, to understand the need for integration of marketing communications, optimization of management. Proper management of marketing communications is the guarantee of competitiveness rising of the enterprise. Accordingly, there is a request from the labor market for specialists who are able to professionally manage marketing communications.

The idea of an integrated communication presents in the base of an educational program development which reflects the current level of specialists training of this profile in the world and takes into account the actual market situation in the region. In particular, integrated marketing communications require the merging of all kinds and means of communication, used by the organization, in a single management complex, which includes the marketing, advertising, promotion, public relations which help to organize internal communications and etc.

The specialization corresponds to educational and scientific traditions of universities, especially the Urals region development and has been agreed with representatives of employers LLC "SBM-System"; Company "Dmitry and Partners", ltd.; trading company "Agora", LLC "Uralsib", LLC "Yunako Invest ", Ural branch of OJSC" Rostelecom ", LLC “ Advertising agency «Krik Center». The form of correspondce: public meetings of teachers and students with employers, the meetings of the chair  with an employers’ invitation, round table discussions on scientific and practical conferences, 2009-2010. with employers’ participation.

Specialization "Advertising and public relations in the commercial sphere" is developed according to the data survey conducted by the Centre of modern communications of public relations and advertising department in 2010. The study examined the activities of the structural units responsible for communication, and the following prospects for the development of communication activities of large businesses and organizations in Ekaterinburg. Heads of departments, divisions, leading specialists of 115 businesses and 35 special (communication and advertising) agencies were interviewed. In addition, the results of an analysis of job descriptions and job specialists, providing work for public relations and promotional activities at the enterprises of the Ural region (analyzed 65 job descriptions and duties collected from 2008 to 2010) were taken into account while specialization development.

Practitioners and highly qualified teachers are actively involved in professional cycle: managers and employees of advertising and communication agencies, designers, professional photographers, cameramen and so on.

Our graduates will be able to participate in the organization and management of advertising agencies and services, public relations; to participate in the development and implementation of communication projects in an integrated set of marketing communications. They will be able to create, maintain and develop the communications space of organization, its internal and external communications, including participation in the development and management of corporate culture and organization design and implement loyalty programs for target groups; to carry out promotional activities, based on knowledge of advertising and production process and the importance of artistic and creative component; they will organize and conduct the necessary market research in the sphere of communication activities. Also, our graduates will be able to provide consulting services on various issues of communication and advertising policies, both internal and external community groups, as well as the expertise to carry out various kinds of products and communication activities.

Thus, we are preparing professionals who will have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to succeed in the field of communications, both in large corporations and in small and medium-sized businesses, as well as specialized (communication and advertising) agencies.

Russian poetry by foreigners


The Institute of Public Administration and Entrepreneurship of Ural Federal University, Russia is pleased to announce our new initiative – Grant for Master and Bachelor Programs.

Master programs:

  • Advertising and Public Relations (courses are n English);
  • International Trade (courses are in English);
  • Public Administration Technologies (courses are in Russian)

Foreign students have an opportunity to get scholarship for 2 years study which covers tuition fees.

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