CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation

In January 2017 CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation (IQA) was awarded to Institute of Public Administration and Entrepreneurship, Ural Federal University. It was acknowledged that IPAE UrFU is leading academic and teaching institution in the field of public administration, public relations, entrepreneurship and management oriented towards solving relevant tasks of innovation development of the Ural Federal Region and the country in general.

Russian Poetry By Foreigners

Each international student is given a poem that reflects his character, temperament and emotional state, so that the students had the opportunity to get used to the role, to experience a state of lyrical hero.

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  • Public Administration
  • Trade
  • Economic Security
  • Advertising and PR



  • Public Administration
  • Trade
  • Management
  • Advertising and PR


The Institute of Public Administration and Entrepreneurship of Ural Federal University, Russia is pleased to announce our new initiative Grant for Master and Bachelor Programs. Foreign students have an opportunity to get scholarship for 2 years study which covers tuition fees.



The Institute of Public Administration and Entrepreneurship at the Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin invites you to participate in the The III International Scientific and Practical Conference on "Strategy of development of social communities, institutions and territories",
April 21-22, 2017



CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation

On March 25th Lokomotiv figure skating school ran a workshop for PR & Advertising Master students (IPAE, UrFU) from Brazil, Hungary, China, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The event was organized for international students to break the stereotype about Russia being “cold and unfriendly country” by showing them that ice can serve art that warms people’s hearts and brings them together.

The students were welcomed by the Head of School’s figure skating department Irina Primalennaya who told them about the 53-years history of the department and its famous graduates – multiple Europe and World champions. Thus, guests were introduced to the stories of Vera Bazarova, Yulia Lipnitskaya (Russian Federation representatives on the Olympics 2014 in Sochi) and Maxim Kovtun who’s started their spectacular sport career here within the walls of Lokomotiv figure skating school. Then our students had a tour around the school during which they saw room for choreography lessons and overall physical trainings and a gym where they could see how much hard work it takes to perform those effortless looking ice dancing movements.

Then international guests were introduced to the eminent figure skating coaches (one of whom was Yelena Levkovets – the first coach of Yulia Lipnitskaya) and their pupils, whose skills are already comparable to the abilities of those who participate in world-famous championships. The students were amazed by the spectacular performances of young sportsmen. Two of them Artyom Fedorchenko and Darya Zainchukovskaya are going to participate in the Olympic Hopes competition this year with the very same programs that they showed our guests.

 “I was impressed watching those kids working so hard to achieve such great results. How they respect their coach, how focused they are. They have a long way to go but I’m sure they’ll succeed. Both performances were really beautiful. And it was so nice of them to spend their time making this show for us! I was thrilled”, - shares her impressions Kamilla Avelar from Brazil.

Inspired by the show of those young sportsmen, our students put on ice skates and stepped on the rink themselves where the coaches and their skillful pupils helped them to adapt to this new icy nature and even taught the guests several elements.

 “I love ice skating! Trying this for myself had been my dream since I was a teenager... It felt so great doing this. Even though I’ve fallen several times and feel a little bit of pain now, but I just want to live in that place. I want to do this again for sure! And those kids are so amazing. They rock on this skating rink! I loved watching them”, - says Nara Bretas, a student from Brazil, who tried ice skating for the first time today and seems to have a natural talent for ice skating as she was so good at it.

After the workshop our students (tired but joyful and pleased with themselves) had a meeting with the schools’ Headmaster who greeted them and then told some more about the school, which doesn’t only raise high class figure skating sportsmen but also trains champions in 7 other sports. For example, its artistic gymnastics pupil David Belyavskiy is going to represent Russia on the Summer Olympics 2016 in Brazil.

The school gave students souvenirs and they in turn wrote a couple of warm words of gratitude in the Lokomotiv’s guestbook so that the school could reminisce that spring day when ice was warm and hearts opened.

Russian poetry by foreigners


The Institute of Public Administration and Entrepreneurship of Ural Federal University, Russia is pleased to announce our new initiative – Grant for Master and Bachelor Programs.

Master programs:

  • Advertising and Public Relations (courses are n English);
  • International Trade (courses are in English);
  • Public Administration Technologies (courses are in Russian)

Foreign students have an opportunity to get scholarship for 2 years study which covers tuition fees.

If you are ready to become international leader so apply now.