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»√”ѕ ”р‘” с 2017 года имеет международную институциональную аккредитацию CEEMAN International Quality Accreditation (IQA) - знак международного признани€ в качестве образовательной организации, обладающей ресурсами, программами, структурой и осуществл€ющей свою де€тельность в соответствии с общеприн€тыми международными критери€ми и стандартами организации высшего образовани€.

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”р‘” осуществл€ет подготовку кадров высшей квалификации в рамках послевузовского профессионального образовани€ через стажерство, очную и заочную аспирантуру, соискательство и докторантуру по 122 специальност€м ¬ј .

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Ђћастер менеджмента и бизнесаї
Ђ”правление государственным и муниципальным образовательным учреждениемї
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Enjoying your work: Russian student`s working practice abroad

While studying my master`s degree program ("PR and advertising: harmonization of cross-cultural communications" at the Institute of Public Administration and Entrepreneurship, Ural Federal University) I have a great chance to work for one of the largest companies in Brazil, for Instituto Brasileiro de Mineração (IBRAM).

IBRAM is a mining company, representing enterprises and institutions, which operates in the mining sector. The company creates a favorable business environment, competitiveness and sustainable development of Brazil's industrial sector.

As a future PR specialist, I work for the department of communications (Comunicação). Paulo Henrique Soares, the director of this department, helps me to understand better how everything works in this specific area.

On the one hand, it`s interesting to work for such a big company abroad. On the other hand, it isn`t as easy as it could be. Anyway, I decided to try and I didn’t regret about that, because this great experience will help me to become a qualified specialist in the future. While working here, I can improve my language skills, because the employees speak English and Portuguese every day. A specialist, who speaks different languages, is always in demand!

Moreover, I took part in a big event, as a representative of IBRAM. The event was organized in the frame work of the UK-Brazil Year of Science and Innovation`s programme 2018/2019 (Ano Brasil-Reino Unido de Ciência e Inovação 2018/19). This programme is a joint initiative led by the UK and Brazilian governments, which organizes various scientific and business events in both countries.

To be honest, I really enjoyed, that everything was organized qualitatively. All small details were taken into account because the organizers wanted to make all speakers and participants feel comfortable. That was a Brazilian event, so there was a lot of tasty food as well! Such a feeling, when you can meet people, working for the well-known industrial companies, and speak with them in an informal way is priceless.

Also, I will be able to visit Valle and AngloGold Ashanti and speak with the PR specialists, working for these companies; visit some mineral deposits and a big museum of mining, which is called «Museu das Minas e do Metal».

During my working practice here, I`ve learned the most important rule of life – never lose those opportunities, which are given to you and you will be successful!

By Polina Rakitskaya